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In Massaki, which is referred to as “the hometown of camellia,” wild Japanese Camellia bloom in a flurry all over the town. With a yearly average temperature of just above and below 11 degrees, Massaki is an easy town to live in, and it is also Iwate’s popular beach sight-seeing spot.

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Local Folk Performing Arts

Held once every 4 years, on the last Sunday of October or on November 3rd, there is a large festival held in the imperial memorial year at the sacred Hachiman and Kumano Shrines located in Nakamori. In 2012, after the earthquake, the Goishi local festival groups- from the towns of Baoshin, Kogawara, Kadonaka (Kadonohama and Nakai), Nishidate, Sanjugari, and Yamane. In place of the coast of Tomari, which had still not recovered from earthquake damages, they paraded until the coast of Kadonohama and made the festival lively and fun.

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Shichifukujin (The Seven Gods of Good Fortune)

There is Shichifukujin in the towns of Goishi and Nishidate in the Goishi region, and this local folk performing art is danced by a wide range of ages, from children to adults, in the Gonen Festival (Fifth year Memorial) where it is usually danced, but also in events such as Respect for the Elderly Gatherings, Culture Festivals, Sports Day, and Tourist Festivals.



“GoIwai,” a folk song passed down from a long time ago in the town of Massaki, is sung at the celebratory events such as festivals, wedding ceremonies, big catches of fish, and house-building ceremonies. With easy-to-remember phrases as its strong point, “GoIwai” is a folk song that everyone, from children to adults, can sing together.

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